A College Thanksgiving!

I’ve been so busy lately and I’ve had this post in queue for a week now! So I figured I’d just share it as is. 🙂 Enjoy! Let’s rewind to about 1 week ago, shall we!

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving again! Although Thanksgiving isn’t my very favorite holiday, it’s still really special to me because it’s what really kicks off the holiday season in my family.  Thanksgiving in my family means KOST 103.5’s Month Long of Christmas Songs, ham, duck, rice, and other foods us Asians like to eat for festive holidays. But it also usually means lots and lots of time to bond with the family, play boardgames, and to enjoy each others’ company.


This year, however, my parents spent Thanksgiving in Hong Kong where my dad’s side of the family all live at. I was so bummed at first that I couldn’t go with my parents there because I couldn’t miss school, but I was still able to spend my Thanksgiving with family…my college one! My closest college friends (which are friends I went to high school with + my amazing roommate) planned a big Thanksgiving potluck with 15 of our closest friends. We all brought our favorite Thanksgiving dish and the turn out was pretty great! (We had sooo many leftovers.) And even though the turkey came out half cooked (cooked by the guys…) and everything ran behind schedule, we still all had a very fun time just enjoying each others’ company.

Smore Cupcakes

My roommate made these amazing S’more Cupcakes. Toasted marshmallows, graham cracker crusts, just simply delicious!

Thanksgiving StuffingWhat’s Thanksgiving without stuffing?

Thanksgiving Mashed PotatoesAnd an overload of mashed potatoes…

Thanksgiving Gravy

Thanksgiving HamAnd the guys’ Hawaiian ham….

Thanksgiving Golden RetrieverAnd…the cutest dog ever of course!!

ThanksgivingAnd then we started taking pictures on the staircase…we don’t know why but we liked how they came out!

ThanksgivingAnd then Arya joined us…tehehe!

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgivings! I sure did. 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on twitter & pinterest for more updates from my posts! 🙂 How did you guys spend your Thanksgiving!


A New York Preview!

So sorry I’ve basically disappeared from my blog for these past two weeks. At the beginning of the month, my boyfriend and I finally liquidated all the money we’ve been saving up for the past two and a half years and went on our first mini vacation to New York! There’s sosososo many things I did and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with all of you. We did so so so much eating and hit so many amazing famous food spots, both gourmet and street-food. Yum!

I’ve been working on my Shutterfly photo book to re-live all my memories through my photos because there’s a special promo code going on now until 9/12/12 for $29.99 off your Shutterfly photo book! It’s a great great deal and I’ve been rushing to finish this photo project. I’ll definitely review the whole process when I’m done and have received it and for now I can only post a quick preview of my trip. I promise to post and review more of everything I did there as soon as I’m done with the photo book!

These were some of the highlights of my trip (for now). Please enjoy! ~

New York Times Square

Jane Restaurant Brunch

Laduree Macarons

Zara New York

Junior's Cheesecake

Georgetown Cupcake

So stay tuned for a series of New York posts! 🙂

Warmest Regards,