October Birchbox Goop Box!

This post has been long delayed, but earlier in October, I received my personal favorite of all Birchboxes I’ve received! This was my 3rd subscription month and I was so pleasantly surprised when I cheated and looked at the website early to see what my October Goop Box contained!

Birchbox Goop Box

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Goop.com to bring a collaboration box full of Goop beauty picks! In their monthly “Sneak Peek” video, they rumored that they would be having an Essie polish from their Fall Collection in some boxes. I was so lucky to have received one of the few boxes that had one from the beautiful collection in my box!

Birchbox Goop Box

Birchbox Goop Box

Birchbox Goop Box

Birchbox Goop Box

Birchbox Goop Box

(meeeeep!) So super excited to use this new shade for the Fall!

Birchbox Goop Box

Super fragrant and moisturizing, love this Kiehl’s body wash!

Birchbox Goop Box

Beautiful Coral-Colored Lip Gloss!

Birchbox Goop Box

Birchbox Goop Box

Lastly, the lifestyle item for the month — a Luna Fiber Bar, a delicious White Chocolate Raspberry flavored! (People were really disappointed in this, but luckily, I’m a big Luna Bar fan!)

Overall, this was a pretty exciting box! It was definitely a Hit! in my Birchbox Hit or Miss decidernator. 🙂 I loved every single item in my box and have already been using all of them! Hopefully next month won’t be a disappointment. 😐 I just gotta wait!

If you’re excited about Birchbox, feel free to sign up for a luxurious box of curated samples. 🙂 If you sign up using my referral link I’ll be rewarded with points! Thanks in advance 🙂

And for all those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, you’ll be in my prayers. May you and your family have a speedy recovery! God bless.

Felicia C.


2 thoughts on “October Birchbox Goop Box!

    • You should definitely subscribe, at least for a month or two just to see if you like it or to try a few new products. 🙂 I chose a monthly plan so that I could stop the boxes from coming whenever I wanted. 🙂

      Can’t wait to hear about what you end up getting if you decide to subscribe!

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