A New York Preview!

So sorry I’ve basically disappeared from my blog for these past two weeks. At the beginning of the month, my boyfriend and I finally liquidated all the money we’ve been saving up for the past two and a half years and went on our first mini vacation to New York! There’s sosososo many things I did and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with all of you. We did so so so much eating and hit so many amazing famous food spots, both gourmet and street-food. Yum!

I’ve been working on my Shutterfly photo book to re-live all my memories through my photos because there’s a special promo code going on now until 9/12/12 for $29.99 off your Shutterfly photo book! It’s a great great deal and I’ve been rushing to finish this photo project. I’ll definitely review the whole process when I’m done and have received it and for now I can only post a quick preview of my trip. I promise to post and review more of everything I did there as soon as I’m done with the photo book!

These were some of the highlights of my trip (for now). Please enjoy! ~

New York Times Square

Jane Restaurant Brunch

Laduree Macarons

Zara New York

Junior's Cheesecake

Georgetown Cupcake

So stay tuned for a series of New York posts! 🙂

Warmest Regards,


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