Weekend Outings: Day 3 – Newport Beach! Brunch at The Rusty Pelican & Sprinkles Cupcakes!

I’ve been so busy these past couple of days with work and spending quality time with my friends, family, and boyfriend! But as promised, here’s Day 3 of my Cousin’s Visit to LA, one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in such a long time!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

We started off the beautiful sunny day with brunch at The Rusty Pelican in Newport Beach! We had reservations on OpenTable.com so we were able to be seated as soon as everyone arrived! The decor inside was a really transitional-rustic-nautical-themed that made the place fancy, but cozy. There were large windows by the seating areas to see the gorgeous view of small and large boats parked right next to the restaurant on the dock! We were given the large table seating area because we had a reservation for 12. Here’s the delicious brunch we had!

Rusty Pelican

Such a beautiful modern chandelier to welcome the restaurant’s guests in the lobby area.

Rusty Pelican Menu

The menu for brunch! If you order under the Brunch Specials or Fresh Fish Selection, you get a free glass of champagne with your meal!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

Under parental consent, I was able to enjoy this glass of sweet champagne!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

1 dozen chilled raw oysters on the half shell! These were the ‘Jaw-Droppers’ of the meal! So fresh, perfectly sweet, and absolutely delicious! They were recommended by our super nice server and we were definitely impressed. I normally don’t like eating oysters much because of the sea-watery taste, but these were definitely amazing!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

Here’s my main course, their Halibut Special of the Day! The cream sauce was to-die-for, it complemented the fish perfectly, adding a lemon zest to the seasoned-and-put-on-the-grill halibut. The fingerling potatoes were cooked to perfection, neither too mushy nor too hard. My only disappointment was that the fish was slightly overcooked. Which is understandable because they had to serve 12 of our table’s dishes at the same time. But the sauce definitely made up for what the fish was lacking!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

My little cousin was slightly disappointed in her plate of Salmon too. It was also overcooked. But she loved the spinach that was perfectly seasoned on top of it!

Rusty Pelican Brunch

Sorry for the out of focus photo, but this was my cousin’s Fresh Ahi Sashimi! She was very very happy.

Rusty Pelican Brunch

Dessert on the house! The amazing waitress we had over heard us talking about the fish being overcooked at the end of our meal and offered us any free dessert of our choice! She recommended the Dessert Trio that had their signature Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Torte, and Banana Bread Pudding (worth $10.95)! Let me tell you, these were amazing! My favorite was the banana bread pudding because of the bed of cream sauce it was resting on top of. It was the perfect amount of sweetness while the other two were slightly on the sweeter side. Who can complain about a free dessert though!

Newport Beach

Here’s one of the few pictures I captured while actually on the beach. I was so worried about sand getting into my camera that I basically hid it in my case and under the little patio we set up to avoid it from being damaged. I don’t know who this is, but she made for a lovely model! If you’re reading this, and this is you, thanks for this photo op!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

And no Newport Beach trip is complete without satisfying my endless-Sprinkles Cupcakes craving!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I was so excited I finally hit the Chai Latte day and was able to try it! And I was double happy that they brought back the Blake Lively S’more Cupcake! The Chai Latte was really delicious, sort of like a mild vanilla cake with hints and remnants of chai tea. The frosting was also really mild, which was great! I was very very happy with it. My boyfriend shared the S’more cupcake with me and loved it as well–mainly for the piece of dark chocolate and marshmallow stuffing in the middle, but he was still happy which makes me happy that he can enjoy having cupcakes with me too!

So that’s the last of my 3 days filled with eating, eating, and eating! I can’t wait for the next time my cousin comes to visit again; we’ll be sure to hit up more of our favorite places in SoCal and post about it! For now, it’s time for me to get ready for another day of work! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d really love to know what you think! Comments make me happy 🙂 Goodnight!

Warmest Regards,



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