Dreamy Eats: Merely Sweets Macarons

If you’re keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll know yummy food is the new obsession! Everyone’s raving about hole-in-the-wall restaurants, exotic food, and expensive little treats, or as I like to call it, “Princess Food.” Anyone that knows me knows that I’m just as obsessed with macarons as I am with cupcakes and I’m sometimes willing to drive as far as 50 miles to satisfy that cupcake or macaron craving (true story of two girls at 2am desperate for a Sprinkles Cupcakes cupcake). And after hearing all the buzz of a hyped-up macaron shop in the OC and receiving my first paycheck of the month, I was ready to splurge at Merely Sweets! Nesting itself in the heart of Downtown Brea, this little cupcake and macaron shop is now my quick go-to-fix for satisfying both my Sprinkles Cupcakes and ‘lette Macarons cravings at once! Its cute and chic modern layout inside really brings out the vibrant colors of their colorful macarons and their perfectly frosted cupcakes. Having been craving these crunchy little treats for a couple weeks now, here’s how I briefly cured my macaron desire.

Merely Sweets Macarons

Treated myself to a dozen of these little sweet treats!

The prices for their macarons are $1.65 each, but $18.50 for a dozen, compared to ‘lette’s $1.70/$19.50. But Merely Sweets’ macarons are bigger, but flatter, while ‘lettes cookie shells are thicker, but smaller. Having family over that night, I decided to just splurge and get the dozen. This was my opportunity to try flavors I’ve never tried before!

Merely Sweets Macarons

What survived through our family’s macaron frenzy upon sight of the box.

From left to right, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Pistachio, Raspberry, and yummy Green Tea!

Merely Sweets Macarons

The pretty little “rainbow-krabby-patties” (as my friends call it) posing for a picture before being eaten!

Merely Sweets Macarons

With the Green Tea!

Merely Sweets Macarons

Vanilla, really rich with a creamy-thick texture.

Vanilla was one of my favorites of the batch. Not only is it a beautiful turquoise blue that already made it one of my favs, the flavor wasn’t so overpowering that it left my mouth resonating with a sugary taste.

Merely Sweets Macarons

Pistachio, pleasant bold taste of pistachios with just the right amount of sweetness.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Pistachio flavor. I was always uncertain to try it because I was worried it’d look more pretty with the others in the box than it tasted yummy. But I was definitely proved wrong with this as it turned out to be my favorite out of all the ones pictured in this post. I really loved the little teeny bits of pistachio nut you could taste in the nutty-creamy filling and the sweetness factor was just right!

That was my first little amateur review of a food place so yay! I hope to be posting more of these soon! Follow me on Instagram to see daily posts of all the places I visit! And don’t forget to email me at felicia.allthingsdreamy@gmail.com if there’s a place you want me to check out and blog about!

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