Summer Nights: 18 Mile Bike Trip!

Last night my friends from high school and I went on a 3 hour, 18 mile bike ride! It was my first time biking for a long distance (they said it would be to somewhere close by….) and also my first time riding a fixie! It turned out to be so much fun. We began at 9pm where we biked westwards towards the neighboring city’s downtown district. We did a lot of uphill biking to avoid the busier streets and went through a lot of beautiful neighborhoods (or at least what we could see of it in the darkness). Finally, it took us about 2 hours before we were finally there! My legs were definitely not in shape for this spontaneous trip and were wobbling when I got off my bike at our halfway point. When we hit our 9 miles at the Paseo, we decided to have Yard House happy hour food! The four of us had our yums and began our 9 mile trip back home at 12am. Coming back was so much fun! We took Colorado Blvd. all the way back, biking freely on the street with few cars in sight and racing each other just for fun. We finally called it a night when we got back home at 1am. Although I almost wasn’t able to get up this morning at 7am for my internship, it was definitely worth it! Now I’ll have about a week’s worth of memories while my leg muscles ache and the pain in my buttocks slowly goes away. Can’t wait to share more of my summer adventures! Buhbyes for now!

Warm Regards,



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