Summer Adventures: Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

I had a really fun spontaneous visit to Disneyland Hotel’s Trader Sams yesterday. Though it wasn’t my first time, Trader Sams is definitely a place that’ll never bore me. The outdoor loungey chairs, the beautiful surrounding palm trees, the tiki torches–everything, just creates the perfect atmosphere for so much lighthearted fun with whomever you’re with. I went with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends and we sat outdoors (yes in the 100° socal weather) and cooled off with three of their yummy drinks! Bummed sometimes that I’m still not old enough to drink, I’m really glad their non-alcoholic options are made just as delicious as they are pretty!

Here are some of the moments I was able to capture with my new camera!

The Menu

Unfortunately, I only took pictures of the actual menu for Instagram. The drinks were all illustrated with cute colorful pictures! It was so hard for me and my boyfriend to choose our drinks!


Getting our drinks was so much fun, as each were so unique, colorful, and decorated! This was my boyfriend’s HippopotoMai-Tai–Disney’s twist on the regular drink which he thought was surprisingly strong.

Skipper Sipper

They happily replaced his drink with one that had less alcohol which he said was perfect! Here’s my “No-Booze-Brews” Skipper Sipper (Tropical juices, agave nectar, mint, and lime juice topped with soda water) next to his HippopotoMai-Tai!

Piranha Pool

Our friend’s Piranha Pool (Strawberry vodka, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, strawberry puree, and blue curacao). He described it as sort of an icee-like texture and he liked it very much!

Trader Sam's

His little surprise for me to put on my head! Such a sweetie he is. And then he guilt tripped me into Hawaiian dancing with him…which will not be documented for very good reasons.

I had a really great time here while enjoying nice cold drinks on a hot summer day! Next time we’ll go into the park too! Lemme know what you think!

Warm Regards,



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